Online trading can seem quite intimidating, especially to a beginner. You’ve probably had a lot of trading, and monetary jargon is thrown at you all your life. The more you know, the more you seem not to know.

However, while the online trading world can seem daunting – a sea of uncertainty and luck; if you play the game right, a lot of good money can be made out of it. You simply must show up prepared. Here, we have built a short guide for you on making your debut in the world of CFD trading.

What even is CFD Trading?

A Contract for difference, or simply CFD, is a legally binding agreement between two parties, typically described as a ‘buyer’ and a ‘seller.’ The agreement states that there will be an exchange of money between the two parties of the difference between the current closing trade price and the original value of an underlying asset. This asset can include forex, shares, or commodities.

If the asset price increases and there is a profit, the seller will pay the profit to the buyer. If the opposite happens, and there is a loss, where the asset’s price decreases, the buyer will pay the seller this amount.

Thus, the entire system runs on a prediction you are to make on the direction a price of an asset will go. Based on this prediction, if you think the price will decrease, you go short, that is, you decide on selling the asset, and if you think the price will go up, you go long, that is, you buy the asset.

Why trade CFDs

Just with any online trading exchange, there is a risk of capital loss. However, on the flip side, there also lies the potential to make a huge profit. The same applies to trading CFDs.

CFD trading is an advanced system that allows easy access to global markets. A massive benefit is that CFDs are leveraged products.

They are traded on a margin. While this may amplify the potential risk, it also amplifies the reward. So, you can access the asset at a lower deposit cost than buying the asset outright. So even if you don’t have much to invest in, it is still possible for you to start trading!

Tips and tricks: How to make it big with CFD trading

Know the game before you step into the ring

When getting into any online trading system, the first task is to do your research. The fact that you are reading this article means you have taken a right first step. Research and access as many resources as you can. Knowing what you’re getting into is a great way to avoid initial mistakes and make you feel a lot more confident and assured.

There are also so many ways to go about CFD trading. Research involves exploring different techniques and methods like day trading, news trading, and hedging and deciding which one works best for you.

Failing to plan means planning to fail

When you’re done studying the field and feel ready to start- the first step is to make a plan. It is essential to go into this knowing your goals and having a rough idea ingrained in the back of your mind about how you are to execute them.

This plan will be unique, so feel free to do things your way. Your plan would depend on your trading goals. How much money are you planning on making to start with? Figure out how much time you can commit to trading. You also need to determine the amount of capital you have available. It is as if not even more important to determine then how much you are willing to risk. This would determine your risk management strategies and trading strategies. Plan out your strategy and make sure to stick to it!

Using the right resources

It is also essential to use the right trading platform. This can make or break your success. An incredible site to start with as a beginner is FX Giants. FX Giants make online trading easier than ever. You can seamlessly access data from the site on your phone.

FX Giants has a variety of connections and information about trading markets, platforms, and promotions.

You can find platforms like MetaTrader 4 through the site. Traders are offered a great package of professional tools. You can find technical indicators, a charting system, and practical analytical tools on the platform.

This is just one of the several platforms and partners FX Giants provides to you in a simple to use user- friendly interface, along with a blog providing you with tips and guides on navigating the online trading space.

You can watch online news and even access activity reports. Easing into using all these tools via a reliable site will multiply your chances of success incredibly.

Analyze the markets

You also need to analyze the markets and determine which market is best suited for you and the most promising.

One of the largest trading markets is Forex. It has over $5 trillion handled in daily turnover. Forex features The Foreign Exchange Market, which allows you to transact various currencies. This incredibly diverse platform opens up opportunities worldwide and allows an accessible and vast market for its traders.

FX Giants opens your door into the Forex market and the world of shares, futures, and others.

Learn from your mistakes

Unless you strike absolute gold, making mistakes is inevitable. No matter how experienced you are, losses may come your way. What matters is how you overcome it. Stay focused, and don’t forget about your original plan and goals. Don’t act irrationally, and also never add to a losing trade. If you think a trade may not harbor much success, let it go and leave it behind to move on to better things.

Starting small

While the online trading world may initially seem exciting, staying level-headed and knowing your limits is important. Start small. Even though thousands of markets are available to you, it is important to focus on markets you are already familiar with or interested in. If this means focusing solely on one, that is the way to go.

You can diversify your streams once you gain confidence. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy market like Forex is essential when starting.


So, the online trading space is a goldmine for success, simply waiting to be discovered and unleashed. Check out FX Giants for an easy debut into the online trading world and even more detailed tips on succeeding. With the help of a reliable platform and a trustworthy market, it will take no time to begin your trading journey today! Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: This information is not considered investment advice or an investment recommendation, but is instead a marketing communication